Get your publication on all devices with the new embed wizard

Create your own styles, integrate seamlessly with Tumblr and Wordpress, and oh yes - it works on all devices.


Works on all devices
Like on, your embedded publications will now be shown regardless of the device your readers are using.

Embedded styling
We store how you styled your embed on our servers. That’s pretty neat since you can easily modify the look and feel of your embed directly from the embed wizard. No need to fiddle around in your code editor or content management system again. If you are embedding the same publication in multiple places you can even edit all of them at the same time.

Use it with your favourite blogging platform
Blogging platforms often strip foreign html-code, making it hard for us to predict how it will behave on all the different services available. That’s why we made an iframe-solution for you that will work like a charm no matter how you roll. Remember to tick the box if you need the iframe-code.


Your existing embeds don’t work on iPad
In order to make your existing embeds work on iPads and other non-flash devices, you have to update them with the new embed codes. Don’t worry - all those old embeds out there will still show up beautifully on desktop computers.

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