Our man Mik talked to Teleread about the publishing renaissance.

We’re on the verge of it — a new age when people can access whatever content they want wherever they are.

The distribution model is changing—just as it did for music and movies. Instead of focusing solely on paper circulation statistics, forward-thinking publishers are beginning to embrace a future in which they distribute their publications to platforms for the iPad, iPhone, Android, Kindle, Nexus and more to deliver content on-demand. And this change enables new monetization opportunities since publications can now target audiences more effectively according to their interests.

Armed with new consumer targeting capabilities, the publishing industry could be poised to make the comeback of the century. 

We can for sure feel it coming, can you? Read the whole article on Teleread.com and tell us what you think.

Mik Strøyberg is Issuus Director of User Engagement and works out of our New York office. Hook up with Mik on Twitter or LinkedIn if you’re keen on learning more.

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