Origami - Learning to find and fold on Issuu

Legend has it that if you fold 1000 origami cranes (senbazuru), one wish will come true. TEDxNijmegen 2013 Magazine writes that “some stories believe you are granted eternal good luck, instead of just one wish, such as a long life or recovery from illness or injury”. The crane itself is believed to live for a thousand years, magical as it is, and that’s why you must fold 1000 yourself.

But what does origami have to do with Issuu?
A lot, it seems. Type in “origami” in the search field and be amazed. A quick search like that will reveal how origami is one of the many niche trends that make up the limitless flow of stacks and publications of the Issuu world. And origami isn’t just for the mathematical mastermind or a folding fetischist - there are plenty of easy articles on a beginner level.

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Introducing Matt

Matt’s our incredibly talented frontend engineer from Germany. He makes complex stuff work smoothly on every imaginable device. Do you know the latest internet meme trend? Matt does, and he gladly blogs about it for the world to enjoy. Oh, and did we mention he kitesurfs as well?


For the uninitiated, what’s your role at Issuu?
I work in what’s currently called Team Monster - but generally it’s safe to describe me as a passionate lover of the frontend. Together with my teammates, I am making sure that your browser (be it on your 30” desktop computer, your fancy Microsoft Surface tablet or your mom’s iPhone) gets the sweetest mix of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Interface and frontend development is the presentation layer that makes all the ideas functional. Don’t you have to be really innovative sometimes to succeed?
You bet. Not only are we working right at the forefront of digital publishing, some of the features we are using on Issuu.com are just as cutting edge.
Our release in May completely revamped the way we develop and build the client part of Issuu and we had the great chance to write modern, semantic and responsive code. With an audience like ours, we can take advantage of some of the newest technologies out there.

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A whole new Issuu. Dive in.

Immerse yourself in rich and relevant publications from around the world.

It’s deep. When you see the new Issuu, you’ll keep going down, down, down into a sea teeming with interesting, beautiful and sometimes surprising publications. The new look and feel of Issuu is designed to help you discover more great content about whatever it is that you fancy be it model railroadsfashion trends or lacrosse.


As always you can follow your favorites but now you can add them to your stacks. Think of this as the equivalent of building music playlists. You become the DJ.  Build stacks around your interests. Build stacks that you want to share. Build stacks just because it’s fun. Swim around and find stacks built by others who share your interests.

Come connect with us on Facebook and Twitter. We are always on the lookout for interesting publications and we’d love to know what you’re reading or publishing at the moment.

Create amazing publications together.

We’ve acquired Magma, an amazing online collaboration tool, making it easier for publishers of all sizes to create fantastic publications.

Magma is a simple, clever flat-planning service, empowering publishers of all sizes to collaborate and create the best possible publications. Sharing the love and fascination for the publishing industry that has been the heart of Issuu since we wrote the first block of code.

We know people read what they find interesting. Issuu makes sure all the hard work and dedication put into creating amazing stories is rewarded by some of the biggest and most diverse readerships in the world.

Learn more about our new friends and take a tour of the newest product in the Issuu family at Magmahq.com

10 million publications

The counter in the Copenhagen office hit 10,000,000 publications today! Hugs, cheering, smoothies, cake and an oddly placed comma made this day historic.

Thank you for publishing with Issuu. You rock our world.