The Wedding Notebook: Lifting the Veil

How did you come to start The Wedding Notebook? Did any of you have previous magazine experience?

Andros Xavier Chan: I’ve always wanted to start a wedding website since my university days. After leaving the banking & finance industry in 2011, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my dreams. We had a few ideas, and we decided on a wedding magazine.

Chaiyen Wong: I have been working with renowned magazines and publishing houses in Malaysia and Singapore for over 10 years now. I’ve always dreamed of starting my own magazine, I just never thought it would be realized in digital format. We started The Wedding Notebook because we felt that local wedding magazines lacked inspiration. The wedding scene in Asia is booming creatively, but it’s also a very competitive industry. We wanted to provide a platform for celebrating these amazing talents.


Considering that your audience is primarily based in Asia, what are the distinctive elements of an Asian wedding? More specifically, what do you think your audience is looking for in The Wedding Notebook?

Andros: Typically, Asian weddings are huge. Some last for days. A friend of mine had his wedding in Jakarta, Indonesia, and had 5,000 guests. The most distinctive element of an Asian wedding would be the integration of cultural and religious aspects. For example - having a Chinese tea ceremony alongside a religious solemnization. 

I think our readers are looking for creative ways to intertwine these ceremonies without losing their cultural heritage.

Chaiyen: Asian weddings are huge and have more religious aspects, which is probably what discourages brides to explore outside the conventional. We inspire our readers with real Asian weddings that embrace these ceremonies with a fun and creative twist. At the end of the day, we just wanted to remind our readers of how fortunate they are to have such a rich cultural environment and to be surrounded by such beautiful venues - beaches, highlands, and other natural elements.


How has distributing the magazine online helped your overall mission?

Andros: Our initial intention was to be a platform for sharing ideas within the Asia Pacific region. But through Issuu, we have gained a lot of international followers. It’s become bigger than we ever thought it would be. This has allowed us to showcase Asia’s talents to the world, and it’s also proven useful to brides who are planning their destination weddings in Asia.


Wedding planning is typically seen as a feminine pastime. Do you think it’s important that men pay closer attention to their big day?

Andros: A friend of mine once said that his role in the wedding planning process was relatively simple - firstly, make sure he turns up on the big day, and secondly, write the cheques! But contrary to popular belief, I think men are starting to take a more active role in planning their wedding day, especially because in the last few years we’ve seen men starting to dress better and have better grooming etiquettes. Men should pay closer attention to their big day. They should share the experience of planning their next phase in life with their special someone.


In the last decade or so, weddings have become informal and relaxed. There’s an importance on fun, rather than rigid adherence to tradition. What’s changed?

Andros: Weddings have become a very expensive affair in recent years, and I think people are learning to invite only those who really matter. Weddings used to be a formal ceremony that couples went through to please their family, but these days it’s more of a celebration of love. At the end of the day people just want to take home something meaningful and memorable, and that makes sense because they’re paying a lot of money for it.


Take us through how you plan an issue. What’s the editorial process like?

Andros: Our editorial team picks a concept of theme to anchor every issue, and based on that we’ll gather stories from photographers and from the wedding submissions we receive. Sometimes we look beyond just weddings for ideas because we believe that there is a lot out there that can inspire our readers. Our editorial team then works on the text while our creative team works to bring out those concepts through images and typography.


What would your dream weddings look like?

Andros: It will most probably be a small and intimate destination wedding in Cote d’Azur or Lake Como.

Chaiyen: I guess I’ll only start dreaming when someone asks for my hand in marriage. 

Find The Wedding Notebook on Issuu here.

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Adding portfolios and presentations to your LinkedIn Profile

At Issuu, our goal is to put your publications in front of as many readers as possible. With almost 85 million readers a month around the globe and growing, we give you more opportunities with every passing day. Today, we’re happy to introduce a whole new way to reach your audience: LinkedIn.

Now, you can enhance your LinkedIn profile by embedding your portfolio or publication directly into your profile. Anyone viewing your profile will be able to enjoy it as if they were reading it on Issuu.

By adding an Issuu publication to your LinkedIn Profile, you can showcase:

  • portfolios
  • resumes
  • case studies
  • photo journals
  • work samples
  • professional magazines

Want to share your latest engineering mockups and architecture drafts? Need to update your resume with your latest photography or design portfolio? Excited to share your company’s latest infographic or business case study? Now you can share it all in a beautiful, hi-resolution format that gives viewers an immersive and rich experience without leaving your LinkedIn profile. With Issuu and LinkedIn, your professional content is displayed just the way you want it.

The process for embedding your Issuu publication on LinkedIn is quick and easy. All you need is the URL for your publication on Issuu and then head over to your LinkedIn profile.

1. Hover over Profile at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and enter edit mode by selecting Edit Profile.

2. Scroll down to the section you want to add a sample to (you can add your Issuu publication to the Summary, Experience, and Education sections of your profile) and move your cursor over the add media icon (this looks like a square with a plus sign). For some users, you can also place your cursor directly into the input bar.

3. Type or paste the URL of your Issuu publication in the input bar field. LinkedIn will automatically load the cover image with the Title and Description of the publication. Edit the text in these fields by clicking inside the Title and Description fields.

4. Click Save. Scroll back to the top and click Done Editing.

Now, anyone that visits your profile can click on your publication and discover your work directly within LinkedIn without the distraction of other publications.*

 * For Plus and Premium publishers only. Other publishers will continue to see related publications within this view. For more information, please see

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As a surprise to many, Google has entered the business of creating content with a new magazine-like book called Think Quarterly. It’s a bold move, yes, but also executed in a very clever way. Here’s why:


Yesterday, the press and blogosphere were rushing to cover this new creation by Google. Fortune/CNNMashableForbesComputerworld, and Guardian to name a few. It quickly rose to be the most read publication on Issuu and it’s still rocking the charts today.

It’s quite possible the most effective book launch we’ve seen. Despite the exciting tidbit that Google is actually creating content instead of just indexing it, they also did a number of things right in adopting a digital publishing strategy. You wouldn’t expect less from the search giant, but for the rest of us here are five pointers to take away:

1. Design. Just look at it. It’s beautiful! Google, with help from their creative friends in Church of London, showed us exactly what publishing is about: The best mix of thought-provoking articles, stunning photos and unique design that creates that special reading experience only made possible by great publications.

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Introducing Print On Demand For Issuu Publishers

Nothing beats the romance of the fragrance, the look and the feel of your work in high-quality print. It’s unforgettable.

With more than 80 million monthly readers turning 7.5 billion pages across 15 million publications, Issuu is the world’s largest digital newsstand. Every day we work to re-imagine digital publishing and content discovery for passionate publishers and readers. Innovation based on customer feedback is the cornerstone of how we continually improve on our award-winning publishing platform. Continuing that trend, today we are pleased to bring you another “most-requested” innovation — Print on Demand for Publishers.


Digital publishing has never been easier but because our world today is a global village, we’re no longer limited to just one medium of expression. Just like you, we also believe that your publication deserves to be available in any format, including print.

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