A Whole New issuu. Reimagined for iOS.

Announcing the release of issuu on iOS.

This beautifully crafted app delivers an incredible reading experience, where you can browse content on every topic from around the world. Free of charge.

Get the app: http://bit.ly/issuuonios

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A New Simpler View of Publications

Today, we’re introducing a new way to view your Publications on Issuu. Publisher Tools” in the top navigation bar will now give publishers a new list-view of all their publications. We created this simpler, more intuitive page to give publishers the tools to publish and edit their work on Issuu quickly and efficiently.

You can now easily reach the actions that are most important to you - edit, share, embed, download - and make your publications the best they can be from within the Publications page.

All-in-one View

Screen Shot 2014-08-18 at 4.14.19 PM.png

Grasp the details of your publication at a glance. You can now order by publication status, upload date, or publication date.

Use our new dynamic search to search your entire archive and find the particular publication you’re looking for.

Bulk Operations


You can now select multiple publications and publish them, add them to a stack, or delete them using the checkboxes to the left of the list followed by one of the action buttons above the publications list.

Share, Embed and More


Hovering over the arrow button to the right of a publication will give you a drop-down contextual menu with direct access to your Issuu must-haves: share, embed, download and more.

You can also jump straight to the stats for any publication, purchase targeted distribution, and order a physical print.



Select “Edit” from the drop-down menu to edit a specific publication’s document settings, embed widget, and access the link editor.

The blue “Back to Publication List” button at the bottom of the page will take you back to the full list of all Publications.

With this new publications list, you’ll be able to manage your publications with ease so that you can spend more time doing what you do best: creating world-class publications.

Introducing Issuu Clip


As our industry evolves and becomes more innovative, the publishers who thrive are the ones who find new ways to engage readers and distribute content by adopting new technologies.   

At Issuu, we are helping publishers embrace the industry’s continuing evolution with the launch of our new product, Clip.

With Clip, billions of pieces of bite-sized digital content on Issuu can now be shared by readers across the social landscape. This content has simply not been sharable before except as part of a complete publication. Now, readers and publishers can easily select and share the exact content they love to all of their social networks.

What Publishers Are Saying

"Issuu has become an integral tool in V’s overall digital strategy—allowing us to distribute the content we are producing in print to millions of online readers simultaneously. With the addition of Clip, we are able to increase this audience exponentially—allowing our readers to share V’s content in an engaging, organic way."

- Steven Chaiken, V Magazine Managing Editor

"Our consumers are continuing to crave a shareable factor in everything that they do, and we believe that through Issuu Clip we’ll be able to deliver a unique brand experience that they’ll want to share with friends and their wider social networks."

- Anne Soderstrom, JanSport Director of Brand

"Now with Clip, our readers will be able to interact with other users and easily share our content across their social networks.”

Rebecca Dolgin, XO Group Editor-in-Chief 

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Amateur Magazine and the Do-It-Yourself Art Movement


In 2008, Lain - a graphic designer and artist working at Carhartt - was struck by the idea of running his own magazine. He had been part of “Die Siener,” an art collective that organized group shows with local artists, for three years, and his involvement had led him to many like-minded artists.  

Soon, Lain would start Amateur Magazine as the art-equivalent to his favorite music magazines. Six years and 13 issues later, Amateur is better than ever. Juggling the digital and print publishing worlds effortlessly, the magazine presents the unique work of a host of characters that embody the Swiss art scene.

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Reach Your Readers Anywhere: Issuu on Windows 8.1


With the explosive growth of smartphones around the world, publishers need to meet their readers wherever they are, on whatever device they use. Issuu continues to invest in world class mobile reading experiences and extending publisher reach with the release of its new Windows App.

Designed to deliver an elegant user experience that leverages Windows 8.1 native interactions, the Issuu app draws readers in and keeps them engaged with the publishers they love.

The app allows users not just to read the publications they already know, but also to follow their own path of discovery, taking a deep dive into niche and popular content from around the world.

“More and more readers are consuming content across screens than ever before. We’re building experiences for the new cross-screen reality and helping millions of publishers make their content discoverable, wherever their readers are,” said Joe Hyrkin, CEO of Issuu. “We’re excited to launch this new experience on the Windows platform.”

With our new app, you can:

  • Access and explore over 17 million publications for free on your Surface Pro or other Windows 8.1 device.

  • Browse Issuu in 30 languages from around the world.

  • Personalize a magazine feed that features recommended content as well as content from publishers or brands you follow.

  • Stack collections of your favorite magazines to create a seamless reading experience across all your devices.

  • Share favorite magazines on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more social media channels.

Download the new Issuu on Windows app today.